PT Wijaya Karya Beton
Wika Beton

PT Wijaya Karya Beton (WIKA BETON) as one of WIKA’s subsidiaries, established on March 11, 1997, is part of corporate expansion in pre-cast concrete industry. WIKA started to concentrate on the pre-cast concrete industry in 1977 by developing pre-cast concrete panel for house and flat terraces. Ever since, WIKA determined to keep hold of developing their products in order to anticipate the development plan and emerging infrastructure projects.

The product development has created these outcomes : pre-stressed concrete poles for power distribution lines and PC piles, then followed by other products, for instance, concrete open channels, concrete railways sleepers, bridges girders, sheet piles, pipes, platform slabs and building components which have been implemented in various range of projects. Those products emerged in the right timing and succeeded to become leading products in the market.

Apart from product developing endeavors, WIKA also continously develops the production infrastructure by adding factories in some sites. Today, WIKA BETON owns seven factories throughout Indonesia, such as in North Sumatra, Lampung, Bogor, Majalengka, Boyolali, Pasuruan and South Sulawesi. Supported by large number of factories owned, variety of products as well as professional management, WIKA BETON has prevailed in becoming the major manufacturer and market leader of pre-cast concrete product in Indonesia. In term of assuring consistent quality, WIKA BETON has applied the “ISO 9000 Quality Management System”.

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