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GCG Road Map


As a system that needs commitment on planned, systemic, and sustainable implementation and enforcement, the biggest challenge in the implementation of GCG is to provide awareness, joint ownership, as well as the involvement of all company internal stakeholders.

Facing the implementation challenges required a GCG Road Map as a guide for the entire unit and peoples in the company on providing support and contribution to create effective corporate governance in systemic and systematic. 

GCG implementation requires commitment and strong will, faith in the vision and mission of the company, supported by the hard work of all lines and all human enterprise. The Top management is required to formulate the stages of implementation, values, business ethics, company culture and the ultimate goal to be achieved through dedication and belief in the benefits of the GCG implementation.

WIKA GCG ROAD MAP 2015 – 2018 Road Map GCG WIKA




In 2009, finance ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) endorsed the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF) Implementation Plan for the development of an integrated capital market. This initiative is being undertaken in parallel with efforts to achieve convergence in ASEAN as an economic community by 2015. Broadly speaking, the ACMF Implementation Plan seeks to achieve the objectives of the ASEAN Economic Community by
• creating an enabling environment for regional integration;
• creating market infrastructure and regionally focused products and intermediaries;
• strengthening implementation; and
• improving the visibility, integrity, and branding of ASEAN as an asset class.

The ACMF Corporate Governance Initiative The ASEAN corporate governance initiative, comprising the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard and the ranking of corporate governance of ASEAN publicly listed companies (PLCs), is one of several regional initiatives of the ACMF. Since it started in early 2011, the initiative has been supported by the Asian Development Bank through technical assistance for Promoting an Interlinked ASEAN Capital Market.
The ACMF Working Group D is responsible for this initiative. The working group is led by the Securities Commission Malaysia, and its members include capital market regulators and corporate governance proponents from the region. Working Group D has been working to enhance a corporate governance ranking methodology, leveraging methodologies already implemented in ASEAN countries, as well as those applied by multilateral agencies such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). From the components and methodologies gathered, assessment criteria and a corporate governance template in the form of a scorecard have been developed. To keep the methodology objective and independent, the ACMF has enlisted corporate governance experts in the region to develop the scorecard and assessment criteria. Experts for the initiative were chosen for their experience in corporate governance ranking initiatives in their own countries and the recognition accorded to them as authorities in the area of corporate governance. They were recommended by the capital market regulators in their individual countries. The experts, approved by the ACMF, have no vested interest in PLCs and are not linked to securities regulators (Source : ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard: Country Reports and Assessments 2013–2014)





Recent appreciation of the Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD) for the participation of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk.  is the inclusion of the Awards Reception Ranking ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard 7th to the Issuers, held on November 19, 2015 at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. WIKA noted the achievements in the implementation of good corporate governance, with a firm The Best State Owned Enterprise ranked 3rd Year 2015 in the category of 10-20 (14th).

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IICD - The Best Owned Enterprised 3rd


The Best Owned Enterprise Award IICD 7th



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