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Joyous and Pride in WIKA Family Gathering 2006

Joyous and Pride in WIKA Family Gathering 2006

The 46th WIKA Anniversary celebration persisted glorious in Family Gathering at Dunia Fantasi , Ancol, Thursday, March 30th 2006. With the theme “Keluarga Sehat dan Bahagia”, as many as 3800 special visitor which is comes from WIKA Big Family brighten WIKA Anniversaries in this location.
This Family Gathering has been program for every year. The aim is to tighten relationship and creating the sense of family. Through this, the whole big family of WIKA feels happiness.
For the opening act, the committee performing home band with top 40′s songs which continued with presented WIKA activities and Company Profile. WIKA mars also carried by the whole WIKA big family to bracing their pride. After that, the show who was guide by famous MC Taufik Savalas continued with “Parodi” performance from WIKA artists and capital artist such as Mega Mustika and Wong Pitoe Band.
The joyous and pride apparently look in the whole WIKA big family faces. The show who packages in spectacularly makes the family gathering participant feels so proud becoming part of WIKA big family.
In the same occasion, in his remark, the President Director, A Sutjipto, explained all WIKA achievements, furthermore in the year 2005 there is so many award that WIKA has achieved in every its business units. A. Sutjipto explained all the successes who has achieved by the company was the result of good cooperation from all the employee including family support which beneficial to enhancing motivation and WIKA employee performances.


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