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Retirement Benefit Program

One of the components in the economic value that is distributed to stakeholders is the employee’s salary and other benefits including the pension funding program. Until the end of 2013, some retirement programs had been held for WIKA employees, such as:
  1. Employees who entered before January 1, 2007 had been enrolled to the Fiixed Benefit Retirement Program managed by WIKA’s Pension Fund Foundation.
  2. Employees who entered the company from January 1, 2007 and on had been enrolled in the Fixed Levy Retirement Program, managed by Manulife’s Financial Institution Pension Fund(DPLK).
  3. Skilled employees are enrolled in the Fixed Levy Pension Program.

The company also enrolls the employees in the Retirement Day Insurance Program (JHT) managed by PT Jamsostek. The company enrolls them in the JHT by collectively paying their monthly premiums which amount has been determined based on the stipulation: 3.7% x (1.3 of basic salary) is paid by the company and 2.0% x (1.3 of basic salary) is paid by the employee. For employees entering the retirement period, the company has a mechanism in providing some sort of appreciation based on his/her working period. A total of 14 permanent employees went on retirement in 2013. The company fulfilled its duty by paying a total of Rp 5.770 million of pension fund.


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