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GCG Road Map


As a system that needs commitment on planned, systemic, and sustainable implementation and enforcement, the biggest challenge in the implementation of GCG is to provide awareness, joint ownership, as well as the involvement of all company internal stakeholders.

Facing the implementation challenges required a GCG Road Map as a guide for the entire unit and peoples in the company on providing support and contribution to create effective corporate governance in systemic and systematic. 

GCG implementation requires commitment and strong will, faith in the vision and mission of the company, supported by the hard work of all lines and all human enterprise. The Top management is required to formulate the stages of implementation, values, business ethics, company culture and the ultimate goal to be achieved through dedication and belief in the benefits of the GCG implementation.

Good Corporate Governance Road Map is a management tool in encouraging and directing all of the company's resources to be planned, systematic, and sustainable in implementing and enforcing GCG so that WIKA is able to achieve sustainable competitiveness based on its vision and mission company. These stages are:

1. TRANSFORMED stage in 2018 which aims to excite the transition of governance from WIKA according to the expected target and run effectively

2. TRUSTED stage in 2019 which aims to ensure the company gains public trust in the governance infrastructure, especially in the aspects of Transparency, Accountability and Independence

3. SUSTAINED stages in 2020 that aim to ensure that GCG principles are entrenched in business activities and processes

4. The stages of CITIZENSHIP in 2021 which aim to gain confidence that WIKA appears as a credible company and benchmark Citizenship for Indonesian companies



WIKA GCG ROAD MAP 2018 – 2021 Road Map GCG WIKA




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