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Labour Practices

WIKA’s continuous growth has brought consequences to the company in implementing its management of human resources as human capital. The management of human capital implementation will support the achievement of corporate vision to become the best company in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Investment in Southeast Asia. The managerial implementation of human capital is important considering that employees have strategic functions for WIKA.

In its execution, its implementation always goes along with meeting the employees well being, holding development programs, which includes holding training and education activities. In implementing the human capital management in which every employee is the company’s asset, the rating concept is used to manage the employees. Rating someone means recognizing an individual as a complete human being in terms of physique and psychology. Rating an individual as a complete human being is believed to be able to foster appreciation, happiness, working spirit and corporate sense of belonging. Thus, it will finally encourage creating excellent performance.

In line with the corporate improving performance, we keep on strengthening the management of human capital. Some of the things that have been done during the reporting period are as follows:

  1. Evaluating the organization; reviewing the current organization to adjust WIKA’s business development and the path of the long-term plan.
  2. Recruiting new employees.
  3. Execute development programs to prepare successful cadres through the Advance Leadership Program (ALP) and the Executive Development Program (EDP).
  4. Build the “Wikasatrian”, which is the Leadership Training Center based on local wisdom.
  5. Reviewing the different generations in the company, identifying the characteristic of ‘Generation Y’ and followed by the creation of a program to respond to the different characteristics of generations.
  6. Implementing the concept of excellent service to employees with the motto “care and speed”; care for the needs of employees and offer prompt services.


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