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To WIKA, every employee is considered as human capital. The concept of human capital adopted by the Company recognizes that the quality of employees can be improved by investing in them and providing them with competencies, knowledge, attributes, and abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value through providing a suitable development program.

The leadership factor plays the biggest role in determining the Company’s performance and success. For that reason, the Company believes that a leader shall be created intentionally through a series of development programs, trainings or systematic assignments in WIKA’s Advance Leadership Program that provides all aspects of hard and soft competency in “Wikapratama Learning Center” and “Wikasatrian Leadership Center”.

In addition to the good qualities of the leaders, the best work ethic and values of local wisdom are also adopted to be applied in the Company’s good governance with the aim to improve the competitiveness in order to face the global challenge.

“Wikasatrian” is a leadership training center provided by the Company for soft competency development of its potential employees. Located in Desa Pasir Angin, Gadog, West Java, “Wikasatrian leadership center” is founded using the local wisdom in the form of “wayang”, a traditional Javanese puppet. This leadership training is provided through experimental learning wherein each participant can experience and learn about the essence of life and work values. Each trainee is expected to become virtuous leader who is strong, able to improve team work, and is capable to deliver excellent performance. In addition to that, they will give the best contribution to the Company as well as to Indonesia, as the Company’s major shareholder.

The Transformational Leadership, a leadership program arranged by the Company, is under the motto “Proud to be an Indonesian Leader”. They are expected to become “Manusia WIKA” who is persistent, adaptable and willing to learn. Each program is created to generate candidates of leaders so they can give real contribution to the Company and environment by upholding cultures and local wisdom in coherence with the development of their hard and soft competency. The Company also gives reward to employees with good performances.


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