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Marine Structure

Marine Structure

The application of precast concrete products in marine structure has an additional advantages such as make job easier and low cost in construction.This product is used for the Building Dock,wave-breaking structure and jetties, grouped as follows : Beams, Half Slabs and Breakwater.

Building And Housing

Building And Housing

In this kind of precast concrete product, the component manufactured grouped as follows :

  • Columns, Beams,
  • Half Slabs,
  • Tee Slabs,
  • Hollow Slabs,
  • Panels and Stairs.
Hydro Structure

Hydro Structure

Concrete pipe products as building components of water produced by the compressive strength of K-500 and K-600.Concrete products for the building of this water is more economical when compared with steel pipe because it does not require periodic maintenance, or in other words free maintenance.

Concrete pipe manufactured with two types, namely Core Type prestressed Concrete Pipes (Pipes CPC) and Centrifugal Reinforced Concrete Pipes (Pipes CRC) with a diameter of 600 mm to 3000 mm and 6000 mm maximum length. 

The use of vibro press centrifugal system on the production process to produce concrete with very high density so as to produce products which have a permeability and shrinkage of concrete is very low.

Concrete Pipe In addition, for the purposes of Building Water also created another product that is Channel U and Linning.

Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall

Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile is normally used as permanent structures of retaining walls, as we produced having two types of Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile such as : Flat Concrete Sheet Pile and Corrugated Concrete Sheet Pile

Example project can be used in Jetties, breakwater, revetment, reclamation walls, river embankments etc.

The preference of using concrete sheetpile is for permanent construction, convenience and the low cost in its construction/installation work. It is also cheaper than steel sheet pile.

Bridge Concrete

Bridge Concrete

Precast concrete products is used as a component part of a bridge or flyover. Present development continues to shape - another form that is more able to accommodate the needs and market demands, such as box girder, voided slab, Y girder, U-Girder, Double Tee for highway slab subtitution etc.

Manufactured concrete products for bridges with two systems of pre-tension prestressed and post-tension. To pre-tension system, production is usually done with non segmental form. While for the post-tension system of production can be done in two forms, both segmental and non-segmental. Both these systems, respectively - each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Pre-tension system has advantages because it does not cost Angkur especially so the production cost is relatively cheaper.However for a sufficiently long span, products made in the form of non segmental have problems in terms of distribution / delivery.

While products with post-tension system which the majority are made in the form of segmental more profitable in terms of distribution / delivery.

This product is made with concrete quality of K-500 (C40) through K-800 (C 65).

PC Poles

PC Poles

This Precast concrete products are manufactured in various types and sizes with prestressed and centrifugal systems. The Prestressed Spun Concrete Pole produced using centrifugal method constitutes the last generation of the electrical pole development in Indonesia.

This product can be used to

Electricity poles :  Is a concrete poles for power line network of low and medium voltage (220 V & 20 kV)
Transmission poles:  Is a concrete poles for high voltage electricity transmission network (70 kV & 150 kV)
Lighting poles:  Is a concrete poles for street lighting or stadium
Telephone pole :  Is a concrete pole as a telecommunications cable network
Antenna mast :  Is a concrete poles to place telecommunications antennas
Flagpole :  Is a concrete is to place flag pole
Electricity poles Rail Road:  Is a concrete poles for power lines to railway

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