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Mandatory Information

Law No. 14 on 2008 regulates about Transparency of Public Information (TPI) that lists requirements for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to provide information for public interest. PT WIJAYA KARYA (Persero) tbk provides information according to Law, such as :

  1. Name and domicile, intention and purpose and also the type of business activity, period of incorporation, and capitalization, as outlined in the articles of association
  2. Full name of shareholders, company’s board of directors, and company’s board of commissioneers
  3. Annual Report, Financial Statements, Loss and Profit Report, and Audited Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  4. Research result from external auditor, credit rating agency, and other rating agency
  5. Remuneration system and fund allocation for Board of Commissioneer/ Board of Supervisor and board of director
  6. Mechanism for Establishment of Board of Commissioneer/ Board of Supervisor and Board of Director
  7. Legal case based on Law, can be opened as Public Information
  8. Implementation Guidelines for GCG based on Transparency, Acoountable, Responsible, Independent and Fairness Principles
  9. Publicing debt issues announcement
  10. Replacement accountant who audited company
  11. Company’s Fiscal year change
  12. Activities for government’s tasks and / or obligation Public Services or Subsidies
  13. Procurement Mechanism
  14. Other information according to law related to SOEs (State Owned Enterprises) /ROEs (Regional Owned Enterprises)  


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