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Marketing Workshop towards WIKA Star 2010

Marketing Workshop towards WIKA Star 2010

As part of the WIKA STAR 2010 programmes is ?Marketing Workshop? taking place at Binakarna Bidakara auditorium, Jakarta, 14-15 May 2006. This event was attended by all divisions in the Jakarta head office and WIKA marketing area/branch in Indonesia and abroad.

The focus of the workshop was Marketing Strategy towards WIKA Star 2010. Officially opened by WIKA Commissioner Budi Soeradji, this gathering featured Hermawan Kartajaya (one of 50 Gurus Who Have Shaped the Future Marketing [CIM-United Kingdom]) as keynote speaker. A number of invaluable ideas can be drawn from his speech. As if it was battery, all participants were ?re-charged? to gain a new spirit to do better for company?s success.

WIKA?s board of directors and Hermawan shared the same view point, that ASEAN is a potential market of construction business and other related business. Its relevant implementation is by positioning WIKA country manager in Brunei, Kamboja and Timor Leste. The placement is designed to pioneer and explore market potential in ASEAN. During practice session, participants were devided into small groups, in which each group was asked to develop busines strategy as required. By applying the method it is hoped that fresh marketing ideas would come up and turn WIKA STAR 2010 into reality.


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