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WIKA’s innovation in Box Tunnel System in Kota Underpass Project

7 February, 2006

WIKA’s innovation in Box Tunnel System in Kota Underpass Project

Underpass project on pedestrian crossing in Kota area, North Jakarta linking Kota Station to Garden and Museum of Bank Mandiri was less than 100 meters length in which access area toward final busway stop corridor I destination Kota-Blok M is under construction by WIKA.

Project funded by Regional Budget of DKI Jakarta 2005 and 2006 is aimed to provide particular lane for pedestrian as well as Transjakarta bus passenger in order not to disturb the traffic whereas average number of people traffic flow per hour at Kota amounting to 1300 people, while the crossing vehicles amounting to 2400 vehicles.

Kota underpass project is challenging since the Traffic disturbance during construction is strictly prohibited. Besides, another challenge is soft clay with Nspt of 1 to 6 and 12 meters width. The most interesting activity is at the time to push the tunnel box undergorund by using hydraulic system or jacking method to vertically push the tunnel box into the ground on the right track.

The tunnel is like a tunnel box with transversal dimension of 10.10 x 4.95 m2, 8 meters length in each segment. The tunnel consist of 2 joints including 24 meters-east-joint linking Kota Station to Atrium terminal and 25-meter-west joint linking Atrium terminal to Bank Mandiri museum. Atrium terminal will be a project basis, as casting yard while tunnel box will be produced on the casting yard in three segments respectively at the north side.

This is the second project completed after Underpass project at Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta in 1992 under the same completion system, however each of those projects has a different method suitable to on site condition and necessary.

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